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Goodwood - 1 March 2008
Our good friend John reached the magical bus pass age last September and many of his friends and work colleagues clubbed together and provided him with a voucher to fly the Harvard at Goodwood
After several abortive attempts the chosen day had very good weather but a strong and gusty Westerly wind.  We travelled down by car expecting the wind to reduce as the day went on and John's flight was put back to accommodate this.  However, when the time arrived the wind was still quite strong, quoted as 25 gusting 40.
John's instructor for this session met us in the cafe and took John out to the plane for an initial briefing.  Clearly he believed the wind would not be a barrier to John with his flying experience
A group of friends gathered in the windy hanger to watch John enjoy his birthday treat.  John's grin widened as the time went on.

John about to set off

A friend had arranged to fly in a Cessna 172 and take a few aerial shots at the beginning of the flight.
Once safely in the air we all dived back to he cafe for a warming coffee and to chat with John's Mum who had accompanied him down to Goodwood, but did not want to brave the fierce winds.

Havard - John and Martin in discussion at the tail

We heard the plane arrive downwind over a hand held receiver and saw it on finals as we walked back  to where the aircraft would park.  If it was possible John's grin was even bigger.  He had a fantastic flight.