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24 August 2008 - Dunsfold Wings and Wheels
We had pre-booked and received a slot time of 10:05 and allocated number PPR 14
The weather forecast was not good.  Unfortunately for once the forecast was correct and the rain was still with us when we arrived at the airfield.  We telephoned Dunsfold Ops and were told that they had many cancellations from visiting aircraft, so as long as we were on the ground before 11:30 we could proceed.
We sat in the car praying that the front would go through sooner than forecast.  Miraculously by 10:00 the sun came out and the cloud that had previously been on the ground lifted.  We got the plane ready and took off.  Visibility was amazing to the West, shame we were going South East!
We got as far as Alton but the cloud was too thick and low and it would have been dangerous to proceed  We turned back and called up Dunsfold radio to tell them of our decision and heard that the weather there was not good.  Very disappointed we headed for Popham for a consulation coffee
Whilst there we watched Red Arrows pass by in two groups.
Had we had a further half hour we would have made it.  Never mind, we would rather be safe.  Hope everyone had a good time who got to the event