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Compton Abbas and Popham flyins- 11 May 2008
Today there were three flyins that we were aware of within close proximity of each other.  Compton Abbas, Popham and Brimpton.  We had not been to Compton Abbas for a while so decided to go there first.
The wind was reasonably light, the visibility slightly hazy and the air moderately calm.  We routed past Chilbolton, South of Salisbury and very soon arrived downwind of Compton Abbas.  The circuit was very busy but we luckily found a fairly quiet period and landed on 05, avoiding two large birds enjoying a thermal.  Unbeknown to us our photograph was taken by Olly Frampton.

Arriving at Compton Abbas taken by Olly Frampton

We were asked to park at the end of the line way down the entire length of the airfield.  We have never seen so many planes at Compton Abbas, for a while some arrivals were being turned away as no further parking spaces were available.  We signed in and had lunch watching the display given by three Yaks and chatting to other visitors.  We wished to visit Popham so left around 2pm.

Taxiing for take off at Compton Abbas taken by Olly Frampton

The trip to Popham was uneventful and we enjoyed the drift across the countryside.  We soon discovered Popham was equally busy but we landed on 08 and headed for the fuel bouser before enjoying a welcome coffee and a slice of cake.  We met up with Hugh Newell, Peter Gilchrist, Sue Thompson, Dick Richardson amongst others.  Viewing the stands and the aircraft before we sadly departed home.  Brimpton will have to wait for another day.
A couple of days later we received a welcome Email from Olly offering the above superb pictures, with his permission we include on the website.  These were especially welcome as our camera decided to play silly games and not work