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8 July 2007 - Bembridge
We had hoped to go to the Devon Strut Flyin at Farway Common, but a look at their website the night before had informed us it was cancelled due to a soggy airfield
Headcorn was our second choice but looking at the NOTAMS we discovered we would have to run the gauntlet of the Tour de France to get there.  Since the day promised a reasonable amount of sunshine and a light wind we thought a walk on the Isle of Wight would be pleasant, so decided Bembridge's hard runway might be best.
We were airbourne shortly after 10:00 and gave Popham a fairly wide berth since they they had many incoming planes for the second day of their flyin. 
The visibility was fantastic and later when crossing the Solent we had great views of the yachts, Portsmouth and the coast line.

Portsmouth and the Solent

Bembridge were using runway 12 with a left hand circuit and they had just started their gliding activities.

Bembridge airfield

Having chocked the plane, paid the landing fee we headed for the National Trust windmill and through the village of Bembridge before lunching at our favourite cafe overlooking the harbour.
It was lovely watching the gliders taking advantage of the thermals and it was just the sort of day when a cross country flight in a glider to the mainland and back would have been possible.
We could not take on fuel as Bembridge had run out due to the numbers of visiting aircraft the previous day. We headed home using a fairly direct route.

Bembridge harbour

We passed Popham again there were lots of movements and Chris was doing well keeping very calm control of the activities on the radio.
Lasham glider pilots were taking advantage of the extraordinary weather.  We took care to keep a good look out.
Our friend who glides from Odiham caught a thermal at 650 feet that took him to 4650 feet, sadly he was called down after one hour. 

4650 feet in a glider

AY had been left uncovered since the annual and become rather dusty we decided to give her a thorough clean, before putting on her freshly washed covers and leaving her for hopefully only a week!!