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14 September 2008 - Bembridge
Since the best of the flying season was fast running out we decided to visit the Isle of Wight and have a walk while the days were still sufficiently long.  It was good flying weather and we took the usual route passing Popham, Alton, Petersfield and over the Solent to join for runway 12 at Bembridge.  We parked up and took on some fuel and made our way to the Control Tower where we paid the exorbitant price of £1.72 per litre and were moaned at for apparently walking through a non-approved gate between the aircraft and buildings.  There were several aircraft on the field already and more arrived throughout the day.  I sincerely hope their occupants didn’t commit the crime of walking through the wrong gate.

Plane arrivals on airfield

We set off towards the harbour via the path that passes the windmill and noticed just how many blackberries were in the hedgerows.  At the harbour we had lunch in the usual café and then walked along the harbour front.  We had not been here for some time and we noticed there were some changes with a new access walkway to the boats.

Bembridge harbour

Further along the harbour front we looked at the houseboats, some of which certainly looked like they had seen better days.  Although they looked great on this sunny day we wondered what it was like in such a residence during the worst weather that a winter can produce.

While down at the harbour we bought a small bucket and used this to hold blackberries, which we picked on the return journey to the aeroplane.  We got the aeroplane ready, backtracked runway 12 and climbed out over White Cliff bay.

Goodbye Whitecliffe Bay

We had a very pleasant return flight flying low over the Hampshire countryside